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Mobile Device Initiative

"For me, a computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with, and it's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."
- Steve Jobs

The Mobile Device Initiative (MDI) at the University of Richmond has one goal: to provide mobile tools and methods to enhance the learning experience in our classrooms and research labs. We seek to accomplish this goal by

  • consulting with faculty about effective and impactful ways of using mobile technologies in coursework and

  • deploying iPads to faculty and students to help them achieve their teaching/learning/scholarship objectives.

There are two core programs of the MDI:

  1. Student semester-long or project-length (1-3 weeks) iPad checkouts and

  2. Faculty semester-long iPad and/or Sony Digital Paper checkouts.

Student iPad Checkouts
Designed to open new educational opportunities for your entire class. Our semester-long or project-length deployment swill give you the ability to ensure your entire class has access to the same technology every day of your teaching.We've streamlined our deployment time to minimize the amount of class time require for checkout and checkin (checkouts ~15 minutes and check in ~5 minutes / smaller class projects can take even less time).

Previous use cases:

  • Interactive classroom polling and drawing assignments

  • Create digital stories using a single device

  • Learn and deploy in-person surveys

  • Multi-touched optimized references (i.e. anatomy and/or historical apps)

To inquire about availability, please fill out this brief form (fill out this short form).

Faculty iPad Checkouts
We want to enable faculty to enhance their workflow to enhance their scholarship and teaching. Instead of having to make an large investment on a mobile device before understanding the benefits (or detriments) we have iPad and Sony Digital Paper devices available for short term or semester long deployments.

Previous use cases:

  • Creating instruction videos for pre and/or post lecture learning

  • Going to a paperless workflow

  • Enable handwritten but digital feedback

  • Journal reading and annotation

To inquire about availability, please contact Andrew Bell, PhD (mailto: