iPads in the Law Clinic

iPads in the Law Clinic

In the Spring of 2014, the Law clinics participated in the CTLT mobile device initiative and received iPads for use within the context of supporting clients using the law clinics as well as using the devices in the courtroom, which required special permission from the courts. The iPads became invaluable tools to such an extent that the Law School purchased iPads for the clinics for ongoing use. The professors and students felt the devices were extremely important for just in time documents, getting required signatures and completing/recording interviews as part of the record. Each clinic was uniquein its use of the device but the portability, Internet connection, file sharing and collaboration benefitted each clinic.


Faculty involved: Profs Volenik, Cecka, McConnell, Bacigal and Tate

Liaison: Jon Messer

The Parking Lot Project

The Parking Lot Project

I had the opportunity to work with Erling Svjold and Elizabeth Schlatter on their class project, entitled The Parking Lot Project. In fall 2014 iPads were issued to the class, a video camera and a still camera were mounted on a the side of a building to document the year long project.  It was a project that involved a lot of different areas of information services.  Fred Hagemeister our research analyst and Phil Sherman (from IS) were brought in and we worked with networking to make the tech part work for them.

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“The Parking Lot Project (PLP) transformed a dedicated University of Richmond campus parking lot for a yearlong, collaborative research project focusing on environmental sustainability and competing land use values. Through two co-taught courses in fall 2014 and spring 2015, individual parking spaces were excavated and re-developed as green spaces in an alternating pattern with functional parking spaces. Each green lot was independently researched, conceived, and executed by students, and addressed conventional and alternative values surrounding the activity of parking and issues of environmental sustainability.

In fall 2014, students were issued iPads and many of the students used the devices for documenting their progress and final works and posting a steady steam of images to Instagram (#parkinglotproject). One student used the device to access and alter designs for his sustainable carport. Another used it to research video and additional websites for his interactive space, as well as write blog posts for his website tryanglegardens.  As instructors, we employed the devices throughout class periods to look up and present websites, images, citations, etc., as references for our students. And we used the SimpleMind app to conduct mindmapping activities in class regarding popular conceptions of parking lots, car culture, and sustainability. We saved our maps, posted them to Blackboard, and referred to them throughout the semester when our students seemed conceptually “stuck” in terms of developing their projects, which naturally underwent various iterations before the end of the year.

students met the primary learning goals of this project: to critically examine the topics of land use, landscape, sustainability, and environmental stewardship; and to use a site as an artistic material, combined with additional artistic processes, manual labor, and digital resources.”

– Elizabeth Schlatter, Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions Art and Art History

Here is their storify account.

Corrina Waxman, Media Production Coordinator