iPads in the Law Clinic

iPads in the Law Clinic

In the Spring of 2014, the Law clinics participated in the CTLT mobile device initiative and received iPads for use within the context of supporting clients using the law clinics as well as using the devices in the courtroom, which required special permission from the courts. The iPads became invaluable tools to such an extent that the Law School purchased iPads for the clinics for ongoing use. The professors and students felt the devices were extremely important for just in time documents, getting required signatures and completing/recording interviews as part of the record. Each clinic was uniquein its use of the device but the portability, Internet connection, file sharing and collaboration benefitted each clinic.


Faculty involved: ProfsĀ Volenik, Cecka, McConnell, Bacigal and Tate

Liaison: Jon Messer


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August 7, 2015