Digital Storytelling with the Valentine Museum

Digital Storytelling with the Valentine Museum

I had the pleasure of seeing Nicole Maurantonio’s final class projects in April from her spring course, Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond. The students used the Technology Learning Center Resources by recording their narratives in one of our av sound rooms.  More of their projects can be found on learndst.

“Taking the city of Richmond as its point of departure, Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond examines various sites of memory production and contestation within the city. Throughout the course of the semester, students worked with archived scrapbooks housed at the Valentine, our community partner, in downtown Richmond to produce a digital story that grappled with the questions of history, memory, and meaning-making that lie at the heart of this course.

Through a communication studies lens students examined the scrapbooks – less concerned with reconstructing the past “as it happened” than with interpreting the scrapbooks as critics, considering what they might tell us not only about the past but the present.

This project would not have been possible without the support of the Center for Civic Engagementand our collaborators at the Valentine.” – Nicole Maurantonio

Corrina Waxman, Media Production Coordinator


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August 6, 2015