Box as a Classroom Asset

Box as a Classroom Asset
Effectively receiving and sending education documents and media has always been a challenge for professors, especially recently as the size of files increase. This spring the University of Richmond rolled out a new cloud storage solution, Box, that helps professors easily and intelligently share information. Two features that make Box a particularly effective content management system are Box’s previewing feature and the many permission levels for folder collaboration. 
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This past semester Dr. Lynn Kee, in collaboration with the CTLT, asked students in her molecular Biology lab to create a digital lab report. This project involved many multimedia projects that needed to be turned in, viewed, and assessed in a timely fashion. Creating an Inbox within Box for the course and giving students Uploader permission students could easily turn in the large video files. Dr Kee could access information about the time students uploaded their movies and preview them within the browser without having to download or worry about finding the correct application to open the movie files. 
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May 21, 2015