L. Andrew Bell

Science Liaison

Phone: 804.289.8452
Email: abell4@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 330

Departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Psychology, SPCS: Information Systems

Andrew’s first experience with educational technology was as a kid playing Ernie’s Big Splash. The game taught him how to get from point A to point B and he’s been trying to find his way ever since.  Andrew has a B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College (2005) with majors in English and Psychology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Virginia Commonwealth University (2011).


Ryan Brazell

Social Science Liaison

Phone: 804.287.6657
Email: rbrazell@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 337

Departments: Education, Geography, Journalism, Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology, Rhetoric & Communication Studies, Military Science & Leadership, SPCS Education

From Italy to San Francisco and less glamorous points in between, Ryan has a decade of experience supporting faculty use of technology, especially WordPress. He sees education as a tool for social justice, and actively supports community-building initiatives both in and out of the office. Ryan has a B.A. with majors in English and History from Oberlin College (2005).


Michael Dixon

Assistant Director

Phone: 804.289.8066
Email: mdixon4@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 323

Mike oversees the CTLT liaison group. He has taught at the university level since 1995, including online instruction since 2004. He has over 20 years of expertise in instructional design, instructional technology, faculty development, course design/re-design, online instruction, and music composition. He holds a MS in Instructional Technology, a MM in Music Theory/Composition, a BM in Music Theory/Composition with a music business & technology emphasis, and a graduate-level Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration. Mike is a BMI recording artist.


Jon Messer

Business, Law, & Leadership Liaison

Phone: 804.287.6872
Email: jmesser2@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 338

Departments: Business, Law, Leadership Studies, SPCS: Emergency Services, Human Resources, and Paralegal.

Jon has a B.A. from Belmont University (1999), a M.Div with Christian Education from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (2003) and ABD from the College of William and Mary (2013) in Curriculum and Educational Technology. His academic interest are in mobile computing, cloud computing, open-source content, blogging and course management systems. Research interest in online collaboration and adult learning. Each use of technology in the classroom is unique and must meet the professor’s needs for teaching first. There is nothing worse than using the right technology the wrong way or using the wrong technology when no technology would be better.


Nabeel Siddiqui

Humanities Liaison

Phone: 804.289.8258
Email: nsiddiqu@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 334

Departments: Classical Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies; Programs: American Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Studies, Jewish Studies, WGSS.

Nabeel is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the College of William and Mary where he also serves as a Digital Equality Lab Fellow.  At the center, he focuses broadly on the relationship between teaching, learning, and identity.  Furthermore, he maintains research interests at the intersection of the humanities and technology, with a particular expertise on the cultural history of media, new media studies, digital humanities, information studies, and the history of science and technology.


Corrina Waxman

Media Production Coordinator & Fine Arts Liaison

Phone: 804.287.6656
Email: cwaxman@richmond.edu
Office: Boatwright Room 336

Departments: Art & Art History, Theatre & Dance, Music, Arts Management, and Film

Corrina has a M.F.A. In Media Arts Production from SUNY Buffalo and a B.F.A. In Film from SUNY Purchase College.
Her research interests are in film, photography, arts in education, media in contemporary theatre, and the maker movement.