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Mission, Vision and Values


The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology fosters excellence and innovation in scholarly and academic practices.


We will be campus leaders for pedagogical advancement and academic technology.



  • In order to succeed, any academic technology department must take an active role in becoming integrated into the life of the campus it serves. We should be engaged in a wide variety of topics across campus, both curricular and extracurricular, as related to our mission and the mission of the University. That engagement should lead to our having influence on a subset of topics connected or adjacent to our mission. Finally, we should lead on projects and initiatives that fall directly in our areas of expertise.

Scholarly Thinking

  • We will develop a nuanced understanding of topics within our field, conduct exploratory research to determine what challenges and opportunities exist for our community, and synthesize our findings to directly impact faculty development on campus.


  • Holding ourselves accountable to our own mission, and to the mission of the university, is key to ensuring we are meeting the needs of our community. To do this, we must provide clarity on our areas of expertise, set annual and longer-term goals for continuous improvement, conduct regular and meaningful assessments to understand whether we are making appropriate progress, and foster trust on campus through transparency.