Browsers and Blackboard

If you are having a problem logging into Blackboard or seeing Blackboard at all, there are few things you can do to help alleviate the problem. First, try clearing your browsers cookies and cache. Here is a link to a help resource on how to do that for the most popular browsers: You also […]

Copyright MOOCs updated @ Duke

Duke University’s Kevin Smith has been a great resource for realistic copyright conversations, articles, presentations and more recently, being involved in a collaborative process in the creation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Copyright for Educators & Librarians.

Recently, Kevin announced a new MOOC on Copyright for Multimedia. The original MOOC has also been updated and both MOOCs are set-up to be taken on-demand. While they are free to take/complete, there is a small fee if you want a verified certificate of completion. These MOOCS are highly-rated and well-designed.

The CTLT liaisons consistently get queries and questions about copyrighted content, and we’re working to gain more knowledge about Fair Use and best practices to protect owner rights of content but still claim educational use whenever possible. We recommend these MOOCs, especially if you plan on integrating and/or sharing copyrighted media into anything involving the Internet.

#14 The Future of the Living Room


Most are familiar with the term “cord-cutter”. For those unfamiliar, it refers to households that stop paying for their cable box. Is that term even relevant today? The idea of cable is foreign to many college students and we are entering into a new post-cord cutter era. For this podcast, Scott and I talk about this new era and the devices that are driving online viewing. Hope you enjoy!