#1 Technological Memories

#1 Technological Memories

For the inaugural UR Tech Savvy podcast, Scott and I talked technological memories with a couple of TLC students, Saba and Ivana, and our new boss Mike Dixon. Hope you enjoy!

Call for Proposals: Mobile Device Initiative for Fall 2015

Download the Proposal Application (.doc file)  |  Deadline to submit: April 24, 2015, 5 PM
Submit your proposal to ats@richmond.edu

The purpose of this initiative is to enable University of Richmond faculty members to explore, and ultimately utilize mobile technology in their teaching. Since the beginning of this program, we have found that incorporating these mobile technologies can enhance the student educational experience as well as the potential to aid in research and personal productivity. These mobile technologies certainly provide for interesting and unique opportunities in higher education.

We believe that mobile technologies have the ability to transform learning, change how professors transmit knowledge, and effectively change how students acquire, interact with, and use knowledge.

This program is intended to support faculty members interested in integrating a mobile device, apps, and web-based tools into a specific course that they teach. For those accepted into the Mobile Device Initiative, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology will distribute the mobile technology to faculty for one full year. The students participating in the course for which the application was submitted will receive the mobile device for one semester.

When drafting your application, faculty are strongly encouraged to collaborate with their CTLT Liaison. Your CTLT Liaison is available to work with you to further develop and implement classroom activities during the semester.

Faculty members selected to receive a mobile device will be asked to collaborate and share their experiences with other program participants. In addition, faculty members will be asked to share their experience with the campus community through other CTLT initiatives (such as the Learning@Richmond Newsletter, Workshop participation, Pizza & Pedagogy Lunches, PETE events, PETE: After Hours, etc.) Participation in these events is optional. To add to our growing knowledge base of learning impact, students will be asked to complete a brief survey on their experiences with the mobile device, at the end of the semester.


Submit your proposal to ats@richmond.edu by Friday, April 24, 2015 at 5:00pm. You will be asked to address the following questions in your proposal:

  • How will learning improve by providing ready, portable access to course materials for reference and review?
  • How will the device support collaborative learning by facilitating storage and sharing of course-related materials among students and between students and instructors?
  • How will the device provide richer learning experiences through the integration of audio and/or video-based resources?
  • How will the device support learning and research in authentic field settings?
  • How will the device simplify course delivery or reducing time needed for course management?
  • … be specific, including which apps you plan to use on the device.


Proposals will be reviewed by CTLT staff. Priority will be given to first time applicants. Applying faculty members will be notified by a CTLT Liaison regarding the selection decision via email. The device will be distributed to selected faculty as soon as possible after the selection process.

Ownership of the mobile device will rest with the University. Faculty and students will need to sign a return/fine agreement agreeing to return the devices or be fined for the cost of repair or replacement.

Faculty and students will be able to download free apps, however additional apps for purchase will be the responsibility of the individual faculty/student, and made through his or her personal iTunes account.  A $50 iTunes gift card will be provided to each participating faculty member.

The CTLT has inventory for supporting 4-5 classes using iPads.  The iPads have front facing and rear facing cameras and contain WiFi access only (no cellular data). Please contact your CTLT liaison for more device dependent information.


Please download and complete the MDI Fall 2015 Application. When drafting your application, faculty are strongly encouraged to collaborate with their CTLTLiaison. You should submit your finished proposal to ats@richmond.edu by Friday, April 24, 2015 at 5:00pm.