New Faculty Learning Community Forming

Faculty and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) are both highly engaged in remaining current in higher education technologies, and both are responsible for anticipating the impact of remaining current in a highly developing environment.  However, the venues for formally researching technology dynamics, predicting the impact locally, and recommending particular paths is modestly invested by the faculty as a whole, has a relatively short-term lens, and there is little cross-talk between faculty and staff that would result in the fullest picture well in advance of critical decision points.  This year the CTLT is establishing a pilot faculty learning community (FLC) that can study such areas as those highlighted in the annual NMC Horizon Report and that will make recommendations based on those pieces.  The Center will facilitate for the FLC, with outcomes for each participant as well as for the overall group.


The FLC will meet a total of 5 times between the end of October 2011 and the end of April 2012. The community will meet October 26, 2011 at Noon for introductions, receiving equipment and planning FLC meetings. This meeting is required of all participants.


Each member chosen to participate in the FLC will receive an iPad 2 and a stipend of $500. The FLC will use the iPad for calendaring of meetings , sharing of documents, note taking and other tasks to eliminate the use of printed materials as well as create an efficient group workflow.

Each member of the community also will submit a report for what they learned through the FLC approach. This will be discussed further at the opening meeting in October.

The FLC also will prepare a way to share with the University community about the FLC process as well as what was learned through the FLC study.


Please complete the proposal to be considered for membership in the emerging technologies faculty learning community.

Link to the proposal form (this is an online form):