News and Announcements 

Browser Issue with Safari

The latest version of Safari causes problems uploading content to Blackboard. It is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox instead. This is a known issue with Blackboard, Inc. and will be resolved in a future release. If you have any questio…

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Spring Semester Wrap-up

2017-2018 Immersive Technology Wrap-Up
Summary of Academic Year Efforts
At the close of the 2016-2017 academic year, we recognized that in order to grow the Immersive Technology Initiative and impact more faculty and students, we needed a permanent spa…

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December Newsletter

Another semester is in the book here at the University of Richmond. I’m looking forward to big developments next semester for the Immersive Technologies community. The Gottwald Reading room will open with new VR and AR capabilities, probably stud…

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November Newsletter

Google Daydream Review
We recently let an Education student borrow our Google Daydream to review. Here are her thoughts:

The google daydream itself was a really neat piece of equipment with some glaring disadvantages. Besides the cost, the daydream is…

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October Newsletter

I apologize for the hiatus in our newsletter. I was on parental leave welcoming my son, Jack, into this world. It’s good to be back!
ARKit now available on iOS 11!
If you follow this newsletter closely, you know I’m very excited about the l…

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