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Goodreader and Organization

January 25, 2013 Faculty, Free Software, Web 2.0 Comments Off on Goodreader and Organization

As I prepared for my research, I sought out a tool to help me electronically organize the journal articles I was reading. I wrote about that experience in Faculty Focus which published the article today.

Changes in Prezi

January 2, 2013 Free Software, Web 2.0 Comments Off on Changes in Prezi

If you are a fan of Prezi like I am, you’ve probably noticed a LOT of changes in the application recently.  So here is a quick guide for what has changed:

Say goodbye to the Bubble Menu

The bubble menu is gone. Most functions are now available at the top. The path can be edited by either clicking on the path numbers or with a button above the thumbnails on the left.

Frames behave differently

Hidden frames now group content inside. To move them without their content, press and hold ALT while moving the mouse.

Deleting frames removes content too. Use ALT to select or right click to remove without content.

Frames are now automatically added to the path once they are created. Close the side bar on the left to turn off the animated feedback.

Shortcut settings

By default some shortcuts are turned off. You can enable them from the settings menu.

Tool selection shortcuts got smarter: press ‘s’ repeatedly to cycle through different shape styles.

For more information on the recent changes (and what more are to come) check out the official Prezi website: http://prezi.com/learn/user-interface-whats-changed/