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Powerpoint 2007 with Multimedia

July 14, 2010 office 2007, Presentation, Presentations, Workshops Comments Off on Powerpoint 2007 with Multimedia

Here are the links provided in the “PowerPoint 2007 with Multimedia” workshop:

My PowerPoint Handout can be downloaded for future reference.

Download this sample PowerPoint File: PowerPoint2007

Download this file for sample graphs: Excel 2007.xlsx

Safari Books can be consulted for more information – Access via library Research Databases

Presentation Zen is an excellent reference, check it out here!
Ribbon Customizer is an interesting tool to check out if you don’t like the Office Ribbon.
Do you have the Compatibility Pack installed on your non-Office 2007 Computers?

Powerpoint Multimedia Links

March 18, 2010 office 2007, Teaching and Learning, Workshops Comments Off on Powerpoint Multimedia Links

Here are some useful links to use in our “Powerpoint Amplified” workshop:
Click here for an Excel file to get started.

Getting Free, licensed Media:
Archive.org is an amazing resource for obtaining audio and video
The Creative Commons also a great way to get content licensed for distribution.

Recommended video formats:
PC: MPEG-1 (.mpg) and .WMV
Mac: MPEG-1 (.mpg) and .MOV

If you need to convert your content, there are several options:

Mediaconverter.org is a very useful website, although it does not always work.

Use AVS Video Converter if you feel like spending money on a good, user-friendly product.

Super, is an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT product, but not very user friendly.

Here is a YouTube video on how to use it (OK quality)

Here are the recommended setting for Super

1. Output Container: MPG

2. Video Codec: MPEG-1

3. Audio Codec: mp2

– Select FFmpeg

Video: Keep standard settings, and choose a “Bitrate” around 1000 (this is just a general guideline)

-Audio: Sampling Freq: 44100

– Finally, Click on “Encode (active files)”

– You may have a bit of trouble finding the output file the first time you do this.

Office 2007: To Cheat, or not to Cheat?

March 3, 2009 office 2007, Teaching and Learning, Workshops Comments Off on Office 2007: To Cheat, or not to Cheat?

I have a moral conundrum. When teaching someone how to use the new features in Office 2007, is it OK to show them how to install a “classic” user interface to regain the old menu structure? A product such as Ribbon Customizer allows a user to do just that with a free version of their Office 2007 plug-in (advanced features can be had for an additional $29).

There are numerous new tools now available in Office 2007, and the new Ribbon structure to the menus makes this functionality more accessible. The company marketing RibbonCustomizer admits that “If one defers learning the Ribbon, one will eventually be simply behind.” I choose to look at it much the same way I view nicotine patches… not great in their own right, but a useful tool for someone looking to change their habits.