Clicker reservation

August 27, 2010 Faculty Comments Off on Clicker reservation

The CTLT has several kits of Turning Point clickers for faculty use with classes.  Most are actively being used for exploration in current classes.

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Visit the Blackboard Blog!

August 24, 2010 Links Comments Off on Visit the Blackboard Blog!

If you’re a current student or faculty member at UR, by now, you’ve noticed that Blackboard has a new look and feel. If you want to learn more about its new features, find out the workshop schedule or keep up to date on outages, please visit the CTLT’s Blackboard blog.

Also, don’t forget about the Blackboard Resources page, where you’ll find “how-to” viewlets and PDFs for everything.

Your Brain on Computers

August 17, 2010 Articles, Productivity Comments Off on Your Brain on Computers

What happens when you give up technology for a week? Five neuroscientists took a primitive trip to a southern, remote part of Utah, where they had no access to cellphones and e-mail, and lived to tell the story. This article chronicles their trip, their discoveries and ideas for research projects about the brain on technology.

Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain [NYT]